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Ultimate-18 High Gloss Floor Finish

Ultimate-18 High Gloss Floor Finish *Performance Line* is a low-maintenance floor finish recommended for all resilient floors as well as terrazzo, quarry tile and marble floors. This finish contains tough acrylic polymers which provide a durable scuff resistant coating. Ultimate-18 will dry to a high gloss and is designed to be soil-resistant and “self-reparable”. This gloss may be enhanced by burnishing with a rotary disc machine. The gloss of a worn floor may be restored through routine burnishing. For heavy traffic areas, floor should be dust mopped daily and then damp mopped with Scot’s TUFF Pro All-Purpose Neutral Cleaner as often as practical. Light surface scuffs may be repaired by applying Scot’s TUFF Pro Mop & Buff Gloss Restorer.


Recommended for use on vinyl, asphalt, vinyl asbestos, cork, linoleum, terrazzo, quarry tile and marble floors. Use in high traffic areas such as hallways, entrance and exit ways, kitchens and anywhere a high gloss look is desired. Ultimate-18 is not recommended for use on wood floors.


Floor Preparation: Begin by stripping with a Scot’s TUFF Pro floor stripper to remove all dirt, wax and finish, restoring floor to its natural condition. Be sure floor has old finish completely removed and no puddles of stripper remain along aisles or corners and is completely dry before applying floor finish.

Application: Use new or clean mops or lamb’s wool applicators, which have only been used for finishes. Work on small areas at a time to prevent finish from drying before the small area has been completely coated with finish. Wring finish from mop so there is enough finish to prevent mop from dragging on floor but not so much as to cause puddling. Outline the perimeter of the small area with the mop. Coat the center of the area by applying finish in an overlapping figure 8 motion with mop. Do not rub in finish or go over the area again before it is dry. Allow finish to dry completely before applying additional coats. Normal drying time is about 30 minutes but may vary with temperature and humidity. Reapply additional coats until the desired gloss is achieved.

NOTE: Never pour partially used finish back in to the original container; it will contaminate the remaining product.


White, milky liquid
Slip Resistance
0.5 (James Machine)
8.4 lbs./Gallon
Freeze/Thaw stable
Coverage Rate
1500 - 2000 SQ/FT per Gallon


  • Resists scuffing & heel marks
  • Durable high gloss finish
  • Requires little maintenance
  • APE and formaldehyde free


1 x 5 Gallon Pail


  • Water [ CAS# 7732-18-5 - Function: Carrier ]
  • Acrylic Polymer [ CAS# Proprietary - Function: Polymer ]
  • Di(ethylene glycol) ethyl ether [ CAS# 111-90-0 - Function: Solvent ]
  • Tributoxyethyl Phosphate [ CAS# 78-51-3 - Function: Surfactant ]
  • Zinc oxide [ CAS# 1314-13-2 - Function: Crosslinking Agent ]


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